Spirit of Hossa - Hossa Games - program


Drifting witch drum and the glow of bonfires leads you to the ancient world: hunter must tame the bear's spirit before felling. After felling hunter must lead the bear's spirit to its journey, so that it does not come back
to haunt the hunter.

The visitor competes in many skills through Ancient Games: lassoing, bear hunting with a spear, squirrel hunting with a crossbow, the world's evil stones, axe throwing (specific groups only), fishing (using torch light as a lure), animal recognition and tracking, and many more.

Games are relaxed fun and also a learning experience.

Mark of Shaman is a culture-oriented program service that is based on true

legends and research. Games provide a large dose of Hossa knowledge for customers: cave paintings of Värikallio and its origins, shamans and wise men, hunting and fishing, and ancient survival methods.

Replicas of authentic ice age objects are on display and some can be tried by the ancient woodsman’s fire.

Guests can take a photo of themselves in shaman's outfit and try playing kantele

(a traditional finnish stringed instrument) and the Shaman´s witch drum.

In Ancient Games You can participate in campfire cooking for example by
making your very own Lapland’s flatbread. After the event participants get a
Shamans mark on their forehead.

Program service is carried out in Finnish and English.

Program starts in autmn 2016.

Price 45€/person

For groups only (minimum 30 persons).

For more information ask Spa hotel Kiannon Kuohut.