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The mighty northern coniferous taiga surround Suomussalmi.

The first inhabitants arrived just after the last ice age. In Ice Age (8000-7700 BC) man has enough forest grain: fish, birds and game animals. People were good to live in in this large living green coniferous forest.

Suomussalmi offers through all year a wide diverse of nature for the whole family and groups.

Stay in the comfort of the Spahotel Kiannon Kuohut and enjoy professional guides uncomplicated and relaxed service.

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Guided tours (min 16 pax - max 30 persons)

Campfire evenigns in Jalonuoma (in Spahotels riverside)

Sausages, pancakes, coffee pot, etc. 15 € / person

Grilled salmon, flatbread, coffee pot, etc. 25 € / person

Duration 1-3 hours

Guided tours in the local area 2-4 hours

For example:

Tour Hepoköngäs, sausages and campfire coffee, duration approx. 2 hours 35 € / person

Tour ringing in the woods, sausages and campfire coffee, duration n.2 hours 25 € / person

Hunting Shooting (laser) 25 € / person

Tour Varisköngäs, sausages and campfire coffee, duration approx. 2 hours 25 € / person

Guided touring in Kianto-Boat to nationalwriter Ilmari Kianto birthplace (incl. coffee breaks / lunch box), duration approx. 3 hours 25 € / person

Excursions 4 hours or more

For example:

The ancient Games / Frisbee golf / Kyykkä in Jätkänpuisto Park 20-25 € / person

Prices include shipping. When the group's has own bus reduce the costs in each case.

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Small groups (2-6hlö)
Guided fishing and hunting trip, the Raate and the Hossa hiking tours, boat trips in Kianta (2 rowing boats)

Of all the guide prices negotiated case by case basis.
Information and reservations: Spahotel Kiannon Kuohut tel. 08 710 770