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We spent an enjoyable weekend in Kiannon kuohut.

Regardless of the season, you can enjoy outdoor activities in the magnificent nature of Suomussalmi from the hotel’s courtyard.


From our hotel yard you have access to multiple possibilities to do outdoor activities, such as jogging, hiking, cycling or even fishing planted rainbow trout at old Emäjoki riverbed, right beside our hotel. In the surroundings of our hotel, there is also Humula, a playground and excercise park where there is lots to do for children as well as adults.

Jätkänpuisto swimming and disc golf (frisbee golf) area offers fun ways to spend time on warm, sunny days in the summer. You can rent disc golf discs from our hotel reception. 

The Jalonuoma river bed area is also excellent for many different summer activities such as canoeing and SUP boarding. Ask our hotel reception about our equipment rentals.


From our hotel yard you are able to go snowshoeing in the surrounding grounds or cross country skiing on the well maintained ski tracks. There are around 30 km of maintained trails between Suomussalmi town area and Haverinen cross country skiing centre, half of which has lighting. At spring time there is also a maintained skiing track on Kiantajärvi lake, where you can enjoy the early spring sunshine in gorgeous lake sceneries. We rent snowshoes and skis from our hotel reception.

Snowmobiling at Suomussalmi is one of most popular hobbies of our winter travellers. Suomussalmi has over 500 km of marked snowmobile tracks, and we have a marked track from our hotel to reach those official trails.

Winter fishing is also easy right beside the hotel. The planted rainbow trouts await the ice fisher and almost daily many are caught. You can buy ice fishing equipment and fishing permits from our hotel reception.

Suomussalmi area

There are many nature destinations in Suomussalmi to relax and rewind throughout the year. There is Kurimo culture trail and Old Kurimo, the waterfall of Varisköngäs, and many hiking trails such as Varisjärvi-Saarijärvi, Säynäjäsuo, Seitenahveninen and Pesiö.

Activities for groups

It is easy to join the hotel’s guided trips. For our visiting groups we have chosen the most interesting trips of Suomussalmi. Both transportation and guides are ready to serve you.



  • SUP boards
  • Electric scooters, bicycles and kickboards
  • Frisbee golf puck
  • Fishing equipment
  • Snowshoes
  • Skis for skiing

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