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Suomussalmi is the northernmost municipality in the Kainuu
region and the focal point of the Upper Kainuu area.

The Central village of Suomussalmi is located along the main road from Helsinki to Lapland (valtatie 5/E63 and Via Karelia routes) and can be easily accessed from airports in Kajaani, Kuusamo and Oulu with public transport or hire vehicles, both available from airport.

Suomussalmi lies within the mighty boreal forest zone of taiga and offers many types of activities and nature experiences in four distinct seasons: winter with beautiful pristine snow, sunny spring waking the sleeping nature, warm summer withmidnight sun and colourful autumn with natural harvest.

The Suomussalmi area offers many different sights and activities: The Silent people art installation, The Musical forest, Local crafts showroom, and other seasonal events. Please ask our staff for more information on the available events during your stay.

The Hotel also has three conference rooms which are suitable for both meetings and celebrations. The rooms come fully furnished, include a sound system, projectors and a screen. There is also a stage in the restaurant. We can accommodate variety of room layouts to suit your event, and catering can be arranged. Our events team is happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote, please

contact the Hotel for more information.

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