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Theatre Retikka Suomussalmi is located in the performing arts house. Retikka Theatre operates two associations; Suomussalmen Stage Association. and the Association of Performing Arts Kianta Force Association. Suomussalmen Stage Its work is focused on basic theater. Kianta force is oriented across the artistic making. The main driving force of both associations is the love of the theater and its communal force.

Theatre operations are based on professional leading, and it´s s
trong, active and sustained leisure activities.

The National Theatre has received numerous awards and proof. We are honored to receive BBC1's Bright spot-diploma in 2002, the Province of Oulu Arts Award in 2007, local press Antti statue in 2008, the Living Kainuu Leader certificate of honor in 2010 and Kainuu Culture Prize in 2011 and the Wild Taiga incentive award in 2012. Ulla Schroderus was awarded the Pro Monaghan award in 2011. All distinctions have been praised, without exception, the local culture and raised uptake in front of the work

Theatre Retikka is not only a theater. It also has music, art exhibitions, dance and literature. It is a wilderness kainuun living room, where we wish you all a warm welcome to see and do!


Kainuu region is active in many wildlife photographer.

Sami Keränen take photos mainly from Suomussalmi nature. Atmospheric nature images look North Tipperary kind of biological diversity, and have saved already partly vanishing natural scenery and wild animals.

Nature Pictures featured our restaurant, and in some rooms.

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Hannu Huttu has photographed a number of years Suomusslami animals and nature. Pictures will see several Finnish huntingmagazines.Dedication for naturephotographing is evident in his photos, and they bring the wild and free taiga nature to the viewer.
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