What to see in Suomussalmi


The Retikka theatre

Theatre Retikka is a performing arts house located in the heart of Suomussalmi. Two different organizations operate in the theatre; The Suomussalmi Stage Assosiation and The Kianta Force Assosiation. The Suomussalmi Stage Assosiation is focused on the basics of theatre. The Kianta Force does multidisciplinary arts. The main driving force for both is their shared love of the theatre and its communal strength.

The corner stone of our operation is being professionally lead, active and committed to the theatre.

Ultil 2010 our base of operations was in the old town of Kirkon Kylä. The previous site at the old store and bank building soon proved too small for the demand. We decided to build the new theatre house ourselves, as there wasn't a suitable one nearby. In November 2010, we becan operations in the brand new theatre house at the heart of Suomussalmi centrum. Our theatre seats 186 people and has a fixed, rising auditorium. The theatre holds about 3-5 premiers annually. Our target audience is everyone, and every age group in the area.

Over the years Retikka has received many awards and honours. We've had the honour of receiving the Valopilkku (Bright Spot)-diploma from Yle 1 (Yle is a finnish, public radio and tv broadcasting company) in 2002, as well as an award from Oulun läänin -arts council in 2007. Other notable honours are the Antti-statue from the local newspaper (2008), Elävä Kainuu Leader-dilpoma (2010), the Kainuu culture award (2011), and the Wild Taiga -encouragement award (2012). Ulla Schöderius received the Pro Kainuu -award in 2011. All acknowledgements have, without an exception, praised the strong focus on the local culture and the work done to preserve it.

Retikka is not just theatre - it is also music, art exhibitions, dance and literature. It is the living room of the Kainuu area, into which we warmly welcome everyone to see, do, and experience.

Jalonkatu 1
89600 Suomussalmi
040 512 7301

The Silent People

The silent people is an art installation by route 5 (Valtatie 5 in finnish) about 22 kilometres to north from the Suomussalmi centre. They are a crowd of nearly thousand figures whose heads are made out of peat. They stand mutely in the middle of the Käpylä -field. The Hanslankarit -workshop clothes the silent people twice a year. the Niittykahvila -coffee shop operates next to the installation during the summer months.

The Silent people first came into existance in 1988 by Reijo Kela. Mr. Kela held a Ilmari Kianto (a finnish author from Suomussalmi) exhibition in the Lassila -field. The Silent People got their second lease on life in 1990, when Ilmari's kynnös was recorded for television. The Silent People have travelled as far as Helsinki, in 1994 they were posed in front of the Helsinki Church cathetral as the Kainuu -county was introduced at the Senaatintori -town square.

Kainuu region is active in wildlife photography

Sami Keränen take photos mainly from Suomussalmi nature. Atmospheric nature images look North Tipperary kind of biological diversity, and have saved already partly vanishing natural scenery and wild animals.

Some nature pictures are featured at our restaurant, and in some rooms.

kuukkeli.jpg His Nature photographs can be ordered directly from www.samikeranen.com

Hannu Huttu has been photographing the animals and nature of Suomusslami for severals years. You can find his pictures in several Finnish hunting-magazines. His dedication to naturephotographing is evident in all of his photos. they truly bring the wild and free taiga nature to the viewer.

Huttu's nature photographs can be ordered directly from http://www.hannuhuttu.com