Activities at Suomussalmi


For the cycling enthusiast the local tarmac roads are in good condition and settlements further away from village are safe for exploration. Often reindeer and another local animals can be seen from the road along the way. In general, Suomussalmi has a good wilderness path network, which also includes suitable resting places. Some have fishing platforms and are equipped with fire surrounds for cooking or at least a picnic area.

Cross-country skiing

Suomussalmi snowy winters offer excellent opportunities for cross-country skiing.

Well-groomed and lit ski trails are in the vicinity of the center of Suomussalmi Haverisen ski resort. Haverinen can be reached by an approx. 5 km long lit trail which can be accessed right behind the hotel.


Suomussalmi has numerous places to engage in various different types of fishing activities. Fishing with a fishing rod and ice is permitted everywhere by the everyman's rights, except in areas that are for recretional fishing and white waters (these areas require a permit)

The Fisherman's Paradise in Hossa

The Hossa area is well-known for its great care of its park and fishing areas. In fact, in the year 2017, which was the year Finland celebrated our 100th year of independence, the Hossa Nature park became our 40th National park. The population of our natural fish species is looked after by stocking the areas. Some of the areas are stocked with rainbow trout, landlocked salmon, trout, and arctic char.

Fly fishing, ice fishing, and lure fishing areas are easily accessible. Deep in the wilderness you can catch northern pike, perch, whitefish, and trout. The needed permits can be bought from Hossan luontokeskus (Hossa's Nature centre) and rent a boat for lure fishing.

The Seitenahveninen recretional Fishing area

Seitenahveninen is located about 10 kilometres from the Suomussalmi centrum. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout, grayling, and white fish of the legal minimum size limit. Other services of the Seitinahveninen area are marked hiking routes, cottage with a fire place, shelters, and outdoor fire places.

The Yli-Vuokki recretional Fishing area

Is made up of over 20 kilometre long string of lakes and white waters. The white waters and streams filled with graylings and brown trout. The area is also regularly stocked with salmon. The shores of the white waters have several rest areas and rentable cabins.

You can find more information on fishing permits

(and where to buy them) and fishing locations here:

Fishing permits


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