For the cycling enthusiast
the local tarmac roads are in good condition and settlements further
away from village are safe for exploration. Often reindeer and another
local animals can be seen from the road along the way. In general
Suomussalmi has a good wilderness path network, which also includes
suitable resting places. Some have fishing platforms and are equipped
with fire surrounds for cooking or at least a picnic area.

Cross-country skiin

Suomussalmi snowy winters offer excellent opportunities for cross-country hobby.

Well-groomed and lighted ski trails are in the vicinity of the center of Suomussalmi Haverisen ski resort. Haverinen can be reached in approx. 5 km long lighted a connecting city center, just off the corner of the hotel.

Zilivonkkelis sedge dog safaris

Dog sledging in beautiful nature of Kainuu.

Wild spruce forests in Kainuu are perfect for action packed sledge
dog safaris. Persistent Huskies, snow white Samoyeds and strong
Greenland dogs are taking the riders through the snowy forests.

Even the shortest safaris are the ones to remember for lifetime, not to mention the long ones.

We have programmes for smaller and
larger groups – for families and for companies organizing
“days-out-of-office”. All the safaris are always accompanied by an
experienced guide, and with his/her guidance, even you can try riding
the sledge!