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Suomussalmen snowy winters offer excellent opportunities for cross-country hobby.

Well-groomed and lighted ski trails are in the vicinity of the center of Suomussalmi Haverisen ski resort. Haveri can be reached in approx. 5 km long lighted a connecting city center, just off the corner of the hotel.

Outdoors route map

Cross-country skiing map

Country ski run lengths 2016

Pitämä-Kaunisniemi-Pitämä trail 5km
Taivalalanen trail 2,3km
Taivalalanen-Akonvaara-Taivalalanen trail 3,5km
Kylpylähotelli-Kurimo trail 11,2km
Kylppylähotelli- Haverisen hiihtokeskus-Kylpylähotelli trail 10 km
Haverinen trail 1 km
Haverinen-Ukkohalla-Haverinen open to the Halla Ski event

Ski to the ice fiching- hollidayHallanhiihto.JPG

The sales period from January to Easter



Price incl. Picnic lunch around the campfire(one day), the use of drying space equipment (sharing) use recreational spa during its opening hours, dinners and breakfasts.

latu2.jpgPackage heater must have its own warm winter clothes and skis, thermoses, ice-fishing equipment, as well as the existing leisure time insurance.


arrival day:
- Chek inn at 14:00 pm
- Skiing Haverinen ski resort and / or ice fiching in lake Kianta
- Spa
- dinner

Day 1.latu_illalla.jpg

- breakfast
 - Skiing Haverinen ski resort and / or ice fiching in lake Kianta (picnic lunch fron Spahotel: warm juice/tea/coffee, bun and sandwich)
- Spa
- dinner

Chek out day:

- breakfast

- Skiing Haverinen ski resort and / or ice fiching in lake Kianta

- late cehk out (16.00 pm)



Suomussalmi has snowmobile tracks approx. 550 km, serviced by machine.

Lenght approx. 350 km. Along the routes is in pause and campfire sites, where you can enjoy picnic lunch with campfire coffee.

Permits things get more information about (info, mobile permits etc.), Mon-Fri
tel. +358 20 69 2424 8.00-16.00

You can design a snowmobile trip yourself, or buy already planned package:

"On The Road 700" Safari package

The sales period from January to Easter



In rate incl. accommodation, breakfast, dinner, spa and gym in opening hours, early arrival and late check-out.

Without charge: car power outlet, wireless Wi-Fi, use of drying space equipment (shared)

One additional day, "On The Road 700" package, the super price of 70 / person / day. The price incl. accomondkuva36.jpgation, breakfast and spa in opening ours. Reservation must be made when ordering the package, otherwise inquire about the possibility of extension with staff.

Package heater must have its own snowmobile, equipment, fuel, map / navigation system, as well as insurance and route permits.

From snowmobile trail direct access to the Spa Hotel yard. Dispensing unit is also accessible by snowmobile (ST1 statio


Chek in day:

- chek in en leave equipmets to Spahotel and departure of the terrain 9.00 pm

- driving to the Vartiuksen border station(Spahotel - Ala-Vuokki - Moisiovaara - Iivantiira - Vartius - Iivantiira - Moisiovaara - Ala-Vuokki - Spahoteli) about 226 km

- Spa

- dinner

On The Road:

- breakfast

- driving to the Hossa naturecenter(Spahotel - Piispajärvi - Pisto - Hossa (you can have lunchat the Hossa naturecenter by pre-order)- Juntusranta - Myllylahti - Spahotel)about 250 km

- Spa

- dinner

talvi_metsassa.jpgChek out day:

- breakfast

- driving (Spahotel - Vaaranniva - Puolanka - Paljakka - Spahotel) about 213 km

- late chek out 16.00 pm

Zilivonkkelis sledge dog safarikuva48.jpg

Dog sledging in beautiful nature of Kainuu.

Wild spruce forests in Kainuu are perfect for action packed sledge dog safaris. Persistent Huskies, snow white Samoyeds and strong Greenland dogs are taking the riders through the snowy forests.


Even the shortest safaris are the ones to remember for lifetime, not to mention the long ones.


We have programmes for smaller and larger groups – for families and for companies organizing “days-out-of-office”. All the safaris are always accompanied by an experienced guide, and with his/her guidance, even you can try riding the sledge!

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