Room rates

The hotel has 73 rooms in variety of layouts: Twin, Standard Double, Family, Queen an Suites (Which include: bedroom, living room and private sauna).

Each room has a shower & toilet, some also include a private balcony.

Rooms are fully furnished with: single or double bed(s), chair(s), side table, desk, wardrope, folding suitcase table and TV monitor.

Rooms also include free Wi-Fi connection, hairdryer, bed lines, blackout curtains (handy for the midnight sun) and complimentary toiletries.


Rate in summer time ( 26.6 - 13.8.2017):

90€ / 1 night / 1 person / singleroom

110€ / 1 night / 2 person / twinroom

includes:accomondation, breakfast, gym and spa in their opening hours.


Rate in suite:

150€/night/two persons

includes: accomondation, breakfast, gym and spa in their opening hours